I help ideas scale — from initial iteration to achieving stable growth.


I ran People Operations – the intersection of people and technology – at a mobile consulting firm in Austin, Texas. In 3 years, we scaled from 10 to 350 people, with no VC, plenty of speed bumps, and a lot of luck. In that time, my team created a recruiting powerhouse with just two internal recruiters. We created a world-class environment for our people, within a bootstrapped budget. We bridged global operations more seamlessly than anyone could reasonably expect for a brand new company. We did all of this by combining lean startup concepts with high-touch, concierge services; effectively allowing our employees to forget about overhead and simply focus on what they do best.

With offices around the world, I’ve spent a good amount of time in India and the UK learning about managing a global team and morphing our concepts of People Ops for various cultures.

I’ve also done disaster relief, political communications, and been involved in a number of startups.

I live in Austin, Texas. You’ll see me around town on the Ruckus or in a Car2Go, probably headed to a concert.

I’m also involved in urban transportation and the founder of a coalition of downtown Austin businesses focused on improving the community, the
Brazos Technology District.