I help ideas scale — from initial iteration to achieving stable growth.

I run a micro-VC firm called hah Anope Nope. We’re focused on working with early-stage startups looking to raise a pre-Series A round. For companies that don't fit that profile, Announcing.soon is a strike team of experts that solve the pains of scaling. I strongly believe in lean and scrappy approaches to building companies.

I’ve scaled a number of startups, including Mutual Mobile, NADA, Everfest, and Bonfire. That has resulted in the creation of over 750 jobs in the Central and North Texas region.

In 2013, I co-founded the Brazos Tech District, to help bring together the growing community of startups in Downtown Austin and help fix the immediate growth pains startups often have in our area.

Mind the gap. Startups have plenty, and I make sure they aren’t left unattended. I cut my teeth doing disaster relief during hurricanes, political communications for Congressional candidates, and opening offices around the world.

Based in Austin, Texas.
Managing Partner, Anope Nope.
Board of Directors — Brazos Technology District.

Fixer at Mutual Mobile, a mobile consulting firm.
Co-founder at 210, a political campaign agency.